Sunglasses Importers: One of the Three Types of Sunglass Suppliers

June 20, 2019

A profitable market niche exists for retail vendors, like you, who wish to buy wholesale sunglasses of various styles and designs. That is why it is important for you to research your sources and drive your business to success. When you purchase wholesale sunglasses for your retail business, there are a number of ways to land the best sources.

All you need to do, first, is visit and browse the product selection of your competitor and make a mental note of the brands they carry. Make sure that you include visiting the three types of sunglass suppliers on your research, especially sunglasses importers.

What are the three types of sunglass suppliers? The three types of sunglass suppliers include the sunglasses importers, manufacturers, and distributors. Each of this type requires certain requirements to make business with them. They also possess unique qualities that allow you to choose which suit you best as a retail business owner.

  • Sunglasses Manufacturers. There are two types of sunglasses manufacturers: those that sell directly to retailers and those that do not. Whichever, these two provide you with products at wholesale prices when you purchase at a high minimum order or in large quantities. To acquire their products, contact them about the items you wish to sell and ask if they sell to dealers directly. If not, ask for their distributors that sell the products you are looking for.
  • Sunglasses Distributors. Another type of sunglass supplier is the sunglasses distributors who sell to retailers with little to no minimum order requirements. Oftentimes, they also offer slightly higher prices that the manufacturers. However, some of them offer free shipment fees on orders over a specific quantity.
  • Sunglasses Importers. Last, but not the least, you can purchase your products from sunglasses importers or from a foreign company. If you choose to purchase from this type of supplier, make sure you understand all the aspects of shipping time, costs, product life cycle, and paperwork involved.

To make sure that you sell the best products to your customers, evaluate the suppliers by quality of their products, delivery reliability, and customer service. Other factors you should consider is choosing a supplier include business hours, returns, online purchasing, website, shipping costs, location, stability, and terms of sale.

You can gain knowledge of these factors through marketing material, reference, and by asking the sales representative about the way they conduct business.

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