Sunglasses for Kids: Why should they wear so?

June 20, 2019

Children are most active outdoor, too often they are exposed to bright sunlight. Sunglasses are important to children for safety and protection. Children need sunglasses to avoid eye damage and discomfort. Most eye problems and diseases occur when aged 18 and below.

Children are most sensitive when they are younger. They have to stay protected and kept away from direct sunlight. When exposed to too much sunlight, this may later develop to eye disease like cataracts when they get older. Kids sunglasses provide protection to delicate skin around the eyes and eyelids.

Kids sunglasses should block almost 100% of ultraviolet rays that damages the eyes. It is also important that the sunglasses have the right UV protection rate because if not provided with the right and proper amount of protection, this may as well damage the eyes. If left unprotected or given the wrong UV protection, it may lead to vision degeneration, cataract and even blindness.

When playing outside, children must wear sunglasses regardless what season it is. The sun shines all day and even on cloudy or snowy days, the sun may reflect on snows and water surfaces.

When on beach, pool or out for hiking or fishing, children should have their sunglasses on. Most especially when surrounded by water where the sun reflects clearly and may produce glare or too bright sunlight. Sunglasses also protect your children’s eyes from irritations caused by wind which may carry dust and dirt.

In choosing the appropriate sunglasses for your children, you must be conscious of the safe and smart choice. Kids sunglasses need not to be expensive since children can be careless. They might leave sunglasses behind, or get the sunglasses crushed. It is important that you choose sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Sunglasses are labeled how much UV protection they have. The best lenses for children are polycarbonate lenses. They are safe, scratch free and shock and impact resistant unlike glass lenses that if broken are sharp and dangerous and may pierce the eyes.

Also, make sure that the frame can cover the area around the eyes. You may also want to consider the color and style that your children want so that you can easily encourage them to wear their sunglasses regularly, making them protected and fashionable at the same time. Let them choose so they may enjoy wearing sunglasses.

As parents, it is your goal to keep your children protected all the time. Let them know the importance of protecting their eyes by wearing sunglasses. Make wearing sunglasses a part of their daily activities and be an example to them.

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