Sunglasses and Their Functions

June 20, 2019

Have you ever gone out and squinted at a horribly bright day that umbrellas and visors aren’t enough to filter the light out? Have you actually wished you have something to block off that annoying light? You should go and grab yourself a pair of sunglasses.

Yes, sunglasses. They all come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Whether as a fashion accessory or something to block off those pesky rays of the sun, it’s a must have accessory for anyone.

These handy accessories are more than just something to accent your everyday wear. They are originally meant to be protective eyewear intended to not just protect your delicate eyes from the bright sun’s rays but also to protect you from damaging light such as ultraviolet (UV) rays and blue light. Some sunglasses also serve as a tool to help you see well just like eye glasses.

Many doctors, specifically ophthalmologists (those are eye doctors for you), say that prolonged exposure to certain types of light like UV rays can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Some of the prospective diseases are cataracts and eye cancer. That is why it is important for one to protect their eyes when they would go out of their homes.

Sometimes sunglasses aren’t just used for eye protection. They are also used for a variety of other uses. A popular use for sunglasses is within the area of fashion. It is not surprising that popular designers are trying their hands on designing them.

In terms of social clichés, but still related in the idea of fashion, people wear sunglasses to make themselves look ‘cool’ to their peers while others, like poker players, use them so that their opponent wouldn’t know what move they will be doing next.

On another spectrum, sunglasses can also be used to hide abnormalities in the eyes which holds true for blind people or those suffering from cataracts and nystagmus. Others plainly use them to hide that black eye you got from a recent fight or the puffy eyes you got from crying too much from your peers.

So the next time you go out, don’t forget to grab your sunglasses!

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