Start Your Own Designer Eyewear Business

June 20, 2019

Designer sunglasses have become a popular and fashionable accessory. If you have a flair for design and enjoy the fashion industry, why not then consider becoming a designer of eyewear.

Creative sunglasses designs, stylized frames and lenses are a hit. Thus, creating your own designer trade eyewear may be a good business option, especially if you like design and the fashion industry. Trouble is where to start. Here are some tips to start your eyewear business:

Develop a Business Plan. Get organized. Develop a plan for your business. Include all financial, marketing, and operational aspects in your business plan.

Name your Brand. Choose a name for your brand and trademark your label. Identify the features that will make your product standout and set your price. These will help you come up with a name.

Know Your Market. Get to know more about the eyewear industry and your potential market. Identify private clients, department stores, and boutiques you can sell to. Then, develop a marketing plan with your sales representatives. Keep an eye on competitors too.

Get financing. You will need a start-up financing to set up your workspace for your equipment and supplies. You will also need to hire staff and find a manufacturer. Then, you can determine how far you can go based on your financial plan and needs. Make use of your business plan to reach out to investors.

Create a prototype. Lastly, you will need to make a prototype and manufacture it in order to market to a client, a boutique, or a department store.

Hopefully, after these steps you will fill the first order which marks the start of your business. You can read more about eyewear on our blog.


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