Selecting the Right Sunglasses Frame for You

June 20, 2019

Decided on the type of lenses for your new shades? That’s great! The next step now is to select your sunglasses frame.

One big reason why on you should be selective on your sunglasses frame is that it should be comfortable for you. These are usually made out of materials such as plastic, nylon, metal or metal alloy however your sunglasses will have to be appropriate for your lifestyle.

For example, nylon is the sunglasses frame used by sports enthusiasts because they are light and flexible making them hard to break and gives them more flex around the wearer’s head.

Another reason is that different frame types hold your lenses in different ways. For example, full frames are designed to go all the way around the lenses while half frames are made to hold only half of the lenses.

Frameless glasses are also available with two types: one that has a special material that attaches the lenses to each other and one with ear stems that go around the lenses.

Whenever you are going to choose your sunglasses frame take note that eyewear always has a standardized size. So if you want frames that fit you well, you might want to take note of this. These are consisted of three numbers and you can find this printed inside the left temple.

The first number represents the distance across one lens and is called the eye. The second is the bridge which is the distance of the space in-between the lenses. The third number is the temple and it represents the length of the arm piece.

If you are not that keen in measuring you face, you can opt to select frames according to your face shape. This is extremely helpful if you are the fashionable type and would want to purchase sunglasses frames that would compliment you face structure. Eyewear shops would always provide face shape buying guides for their customers to help them narrow down their search.

There are some sunglass frames that would work for certain face shapes but will not for others so that’s why it is important to try different frames on before making a final decision.

Are finding it hard in selecting the right sunglasses frame for you? If so, then you can go to our blog and read all about choosing the right one for you.

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