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June 20, 2019

As an eyewear distributor one of the things that you must place in your priority list is finding an eyewear importerthat can provide all your eyewear needs. If you still don’t have an eyewear importer, now would be the right time to look for one. You wouldn’t really have a hard time looking for one because they can be found online. Most reputable eyewear importers have their own website. They have their contact number and other company information that you can review.

You might take this for granted especially if you already have a supplier. However, having an option can be very beneficial for your business and your customers. There are instances that prices from suppliers are a little bit higher than eyewear importer. Other times, brands and designs are available only from certain eyewear importer. This is true especially if contract of exclusivity has been signed between manufacturer and importer, thus you won’t be able to find a particular brand from other suppliers.

As a distributor or reseller of eyewear (whether sunglasses or reading glasses) having other suppliers in your contact book is always a wise choice. How so? Well, for a lot of reasons.

–          The probability of shipping delays can be minimized because you can easily contact other suppliers to supply what you need.

–          You will have a wider range of colors, designs, and styles that customer can choose from.

–          You can compare prices of different suppliers before committing yourself to buying.

–          When your supplier is an eyewear importer, you will save on the shipping fee from the manufacturer to your country since these are paid by the importers themselves.

–          Some suppliers will give you lower price than the others.

In the business world, anything that can contribute to the advancement of your store is a good investment. And as an eyewear distributor you must always think of ways how to attract more customers

There are a lot of stores out there that might be selling the same eyewear that you do, so what is your advantage over them? Shoppers are becoming wiser, they do not just look at the price but also in the quality and the customer service that you deliver. Buyers will not think twice about the price so long as they are aware of the products quality. So you must deal only with eyewear importer that has quality and affordability attached to their name.



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