Requirements to Become a Distributor of Reading Glasses

June 20, 2019

A distributor of reading glasses enters into a partnership with a manufacturer who supplies reading glasses. Usually, a distributor purchases reading glasses at wholesale prices and sells the products at a retail price to the end user.

He also maintains the option of sole responsibility for moving the products around the world or selling them to a network of smaller businesses. So, how does one become a distributor of reading glasses? What are the requirements?


In order to become a distributor of reading glasses, a storage space is essential. The size and location of the storage space is also important. Once you receive the product from the manufacturer, as a distributor, you need to store it. Most distributors choose to store their products in a warehouse in order to conduct business from a close location. You can also make a garage a storage space, or rent a small climate-controlled storage unit.


A distributor of sunglasses should also have a reliable method of transporting goods. Most distributors invest on their own delivery trucks or just hire a courier service. While purchasing a delivery truck requires a driver, it is great for large volumes of business deals. On the other hand, hiring a courier service may be great in providing employees with experience.


A distributor also needs to secure his retail and manufacturing clients. A distribution business’ life blood is its clients. Thus, a distributor needs strong negotiating and sales skills in order to build and maintain client relationship. His main focus is to buy a product at its lowest price and selling it to the consumer while making profit. To find clients, a distributor needs to come up with a price reasonable to clients.


Another requirement is signing a written contract that specifies the terms between the manufacturer and the distributor. The contract must include an ethics clause, stating that both parties agree to represent the products of the manufacturer in a legal, honest and ethical manner. The terms and pricing should also be included.


A distributor must also be licensed by the state and must have a federal tax identification number in order to operate legally. You can get the resale license at the local country clerk office and the federal tax number from the IRS.


Lastly, distributors need to fill out an application from the manufacturers, requiring general information about the distributor. Many manufacturers also require distributors to prove their knowledge about the product and business. They do not readily provide clients without asking if they have an established consumer base.

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