Qualities to Look for When You Buy Wholesale Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Two of the biggest markets for performance sunglasses are people who engage in water and snow recreational activities. And, glare reduction is the most critical element of these environments. If you think you will be safe to go out for a little activity in the snow on a sunny day without sunglasses, you might just think again.

Qualities to Look for When You Buy Wholesale Sunglasses

The snow reflects 80 to 85 percent of UV light while the grass only reflects 2 to 3 percent. Thus, you are more likely to get hit by UV when it is snowing.

Snow blindness or short-term damage is an inflammation of the cornea’s surface caused by ultraviolet energy. It lasts for only 24 to 48 hours, but serious long-term developments can occur. So, what are the qualities you need to look for when you buy wholesale sunglasses?


The lens together with the frames is the basic components of sunglasses. Thus, technology leads designs that will provide the best protection with performance-enhancing materials. A number of models of sunglasses have very applicable lens that are specific to the demands of activities such as tennis, golf, sailing, cycling, and fishing.

Brands conduct surveys first with the public and professional athletes to know their needs and meet them. Recent advancements to the lens include polarization, UV coating, mirroring, tinting, scratch-resistant coating, reflective coating, and photo-chromic lenses.


Most outdoor activities require you to use sunglasses for a number of hours, thus, weight, performance characteristics such as moisture management and anti-fogging and optical clarity are very important. Frames are also as important. Most of the good quality sunglasses are made of high-quality nylon, making them more lightweight and durable. However, all these are waster if the wearer is not comfortable with the fit of the sunglasses.

Most consumers would choose an eyewear that looks good on them. However, they must also consider if they are going to use it for a long time. Quality sunglasses can reduce pressure points, making them more comfortable. They are also made of materials that increase grip when you sweat. So, if you plan to buy wholesale sunglasses, pay for comfort and performance rather than looks.


Sunglasses can give you an instant glamour. However, they are more than just fashion accessories. They are also important in keeping your eyes and its surrounding tissues healthy. Thus, you need sunglasses that include UV protection to prevent damage to your lens and cornea.

They play an essential role in protecting the fragile tissue around your eyes. Sunglasses do not only protect you from too much brightness, but also from both severe and mild diseases alike. From the treatable diseases to the incurable ones, sunglasses prevent your eyes from developing all of them.

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