Protect Your Eyes While Working In Your Garden

June 20, 2019

Gardening can damage your health if you are not careful. Gardening injuries range from knee and back strains to skin and eye damage.

Some of the gardening hazards that affect the eyes include poisonous spray from poisonous plants, pollen and other foreign bodies, gardening chemicals, gardening tools and, of course, the sun. When it comes to eye injuries, these can be very expensive and painful. Also lead to total or partial blindness.

Most eye injuries are the result of flying particles that the eyes’ natural mechanisms – eyelashes, blinking and tearing – fail to protect from. Hence, eye protection should be worn when doing any type of gardening activities ranging from preparing the land, planting, caring for the plants, fertilizing or any other activity.

But working in the garden also exposes one to direct sun rays. The effects of UVB and UVA from the sun are always real even when the day looks cloudy. These effects can lead to eye diseases and even permanent loss of eyesight. Wearing glasses, be it splash goggles, safety glasses or wraparound sunglasses is thus paramount in keeping your eyes safe.

The main benefit of wraparound sunglasses is that this type of sunglasses provide protection from UV rays but also keep foreign bodies such as bugs, dirt and grease away from the eyes.
Here’s our advice: If you need to do some working in the garden this summer and don’t have safety goggles or wraparound sunglasses around, please make sure to, at least, wear a pair of sunglasses. This way your eyes will stay protected from the harmful effects of UV rays.

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