Problems that a Reading Glasses Manufacturer Should Know

June 20, 2019

A number of people suffer from Presbyopia, an age-related eye condition characterized by the thickening of the inner eye and its loss of flexibility. It causes blurred vision when reading or looking at close objects.

One way to treat these symptoms of the condition is by using inexpensive drugstore reading glasses. Although the price seems appealing, there are glasses that have various problems. Thus, it is important for a reading glasses manufacturer to know these in order to provide the best service to consumers.

1. Prescription Specifics

Drugstore reading glasses only treat the basic problems of presbyopia. The reading glasses manufacturer of these inexpensive and ready-made products often makes one-size-fits all products.

While most people who have problems with their vision require a different prescription for every eye, these drugstore glasses only offer frames with the same lenses. This means that one eye may receive the right prescription while the other may not. In addition, these glasses cannot correct astigmatism and does not allow customization of the wearer.

2. Physical Symptoms

Both prescription glasses and those from drugstores cause headaches occasionally. However, drugstore glasses pose greater risk than prescription glasses do. Instead of directly falling in front, the optical centers of the lenses often fall away from the center of your pupils when suing drugstore glasses.

This causes additional eyestrain to the wearer. Eyestrain also occurs with prescription glasses even if the optics centers are aligned with your pupils. In severe cases, eyestrain may be accompanies by both headache and nausea.

Prescription reading glasses may also cause headaches. However, these should disappear when you the lenses are adjusted.

3. Defects in the Glasses

A drugstore reading glasses manufacturer usually mass produce frames and lenses in order to keep the prices low and pleasing. Thus, lenses may have tiny bubbles and any other defects and the frames may be uneven or bent, making it necessary for consumers to inspect the glasses thoroughly before making a purchase.

Reading glasses are used to read, so any object viewed through past an arm’s length will appear blurred. They are not good computer glasses since people usually view printed matter closer that they do on the screen of the computer.

People who use reading glasses to read may tilt their head back unconsciously, putting strain to the muscles of the neck. It would be great if manufactures of reading glasses can find a way to answer to problems.

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