Problems encountered by eyewear suppliers

June 20, 2019

What would you expect to face if you are among the leading eyewear suppliers?  Is it necessary that you experienced being a retailer first before becoming a supplier?  Would it be more profitable to be a supplier rather than a retailer?  The discussion below will focus on the problems encountered by eyewear suppliers and how it compares to dealing with eyewear retail.


Suppliers should have an efficient system of keeping an accurate inventory.  It must be embarrassing to confirm a particular order then after that, cancel the deal because there is in fact no sufficient quantity to cover the order.  Put up a system that is almost automated in terms of the flow of inventory because it is indeed necessary.  Once a supplier is able to maintain this, he will be more confident in dealing with retailers because he knew that he can supply the quantity required by customers.   As compared to retail business, obviously it is far more complicated to keep an efficient and organized inventory.


This includes not only transporting the items into a warehouse or storage building – it also includes how fast you can deliver a particular order.  Well noted in previous discussion is the fact that eyewear are part of fashion – thus, a supplier must be able to “strike while the iron is hot” in order not to incur losses.

Efficient and fast delivery is a vital factor that retailers are looking into.  Of course, they must be very excited to sell items that are new in the market in order to catch the cream of the crop.  It will be a loss of income if they cannot dance with the trend.

Dealing with over supply

This could be among the saddest part of being a supplier – when you got more than what you can distribute to your loyal retailers.  If this happens, you will either start to be clever and design a minor alteration on the designs to make it appear like an innovation.  This might catch the attention of end consumers.  In most cases though, this option may not always be practical or possible.  What most eyewear suppliers do is to offer their items in a much lower price.  There are times that this trick will work but not all the time.  Note that the flow of inventory depends on the end consumers.  Consumers sometimes are not particular about the price, as long as they look fashionable.

These are just some of the many concerns encountered by eyewear suppliers.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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