Prescription Sunglasses: Is it a Better Choice than Clip-ons?

June 20, 2019

Do you love the outdoors but prescription eyewear made it impossible for you to enjoy your favorite sports? If your answer is yes, this article might help you. You need sunglasses in order to see but sometimes it becomes inconvenient to carry around your readers and sunglasses at the same time, switching back and forth between them.

Well, this problem has two solutions – clip-on shades and prescription sunglasses. But, which is better to purchase between the two?

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are prescription lenses that are easy to wear. They look like normal sunglasses but are made with prescription added to the lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the glare that they release.

They allow you to get on with your life in comfort, taking away your worries about the sun shining in your eyes. They are considered as a more practical alternative when you are outdoors since you do not have to worry about dust particles, the wind, and other elements.

If you are wearing contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are a better alternative when going to the beach as the former can get sand and water on them and increases the risk of losing them in the sea. With one splash of big waves, you will lose your ability to see as well as the cash you need to replace them.

With the latter, you can wear them anytime and anywhere. They are available in all types of prescriptions, including progressive and bifocal lenses. Although they are generally more expensive, they are worth the investment due to a number of benefits they provide.

Clip-on Sunglasses

On the other hand, clip-on sunglasses are regular prescription eyeglasses with shades clipped snugly to the frames on top of the lenses. They provide clear vision and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They are a good choice if you are going in and out frequently all throughout the day.

You can just flip them up and down, making them accessible in a moment’s notice. However, they can get scratched and broken easily due to frequent flipping. They also add unnecessary weight to the frames.

Both sunglasses have advantages and disadvantages, but many prefer prescription sunglasses. If you feel the same way, head to the nearest eyeglass store and check out their selection.

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