Polarized Sunglasses: How they Work

June 20, 2019

Polarized sunglasses are popular among boaters and fishermen as they reduce glare from the surface of the water. Nowadays, many people spend their time outdoors and they too can benefit from polarized lenses.

Aside from boaters and fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts such as bikers, joggers, skiers, and golfers also benefit from polarized shades. Even those who only like to enjoy a clearer view can benefit from them.

Since they eliminate glare from the hood of the car or the surface of the road, these sunglasses can be used for driving. They can even be worn indoors by light-sensitive people and post-cataract surgery patients.

How do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Generally, light from reflected surfaces is horizontally polarized which means that it travels horizontally rather than scattered in different directions. This creates a dangerous intensity of light, better known as glare. In response, polarized sunglasses cut the glare to make your eyes more comfortable and help you see more clearly. Polarized lenses have special filters that block the horizontal light, therefore reducing glare.

When are Polarized Sunglasses not advisable to Use?

Although they improve visibility and promote comfort, polarized shades should not be used all the time. There are instances when you should not use them. For instance, downhill skiing requires accessories that will warn you of the approaching hazards. Since polarized lenses block light that is reflected off the icy patches, you will not be able to tell if hazards are coming your way.

They also reduce the visibility of images produced by light emitting diodes (LED) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) found on dashboards of cars, digital screens on ATMs, and self-service gas pumps. Boaters and Pilots have reported problems when viewing LCD displays on instrument panels, a crucial issue when making immediate decisions. Polarized lenses may also block you from seeing your cell phone or GPS device.

What is the real score?

For most outdoor sports and activities, polarized sunglasses offer great advantages. In combination with other features that enhance your outdoor experience, they are great options for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Polarized bifocal and progressive lenses are even available if you are suffering from presbyopia. So whether you spend your time on outdoor sports or sunbathing, polarized shades are the right choice to help you enjoy your life in the open.

If you want to know how polarized sunglasses work, then this is a recommended site that you should go to to do some additional research about the topic.

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