Optical Stands: New Ways to Market your Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

The optical market is increasing in competition nowadays. Thus, it is important that you find creative and innovative ways to display your products. As retailers and customers, standard revolving optical stands are ordinary and arid. Instead of attracting buyers to purchase your products, they seem to make your eyewear invisible to the consumers’ eyes. To help you sell more sunglasses, here are some ways to create an interesting and attention-grabbing optical stands.


  1. Proper placement helps facilitate purchase. There are a couple of basic strategies to display your sunglasses to help customers find your products and make a purchase. According to the Optical Care info website, it is important to place your optical stands near or on the checkout counters. Shoppers tend to buy products that they can easily and quickly try and add to their purchase. Optical Care Info also suggests that a mirror must be immediately available near the eyewear display for customer to easily try and see how they look with your products.
  2. Settle for designs that are both lustrous and innovative. This strategy was recommended by Aigner Architecture, designer of the Fredenhaus store in Munich, Germany. Consider repainting your optical shop into a bare, white space. Keep in mind to avoid overly bright lights.Place floating displays of sunglasses in plastic or glass tubes, which resemble large bullets, from the walls to the ceilings. Each tube should be eye level to the average person to prevent customer from straining their eyes at the sunglass displays. Moreover, bury large round backlit shelves within your walls as another optical stands alternative in futuristic style.
  3. Market your expensive sunglasses via photograph. If you are selling expensive designer sunglasses, market them to wealthy consumers by targeting the leisure class. On a Promote Products and Services by Michelle Lindsay, successful advertisers use wealthy looking and beautiful people to sell expensive products such as designer sunglasses.Organize a photo shoot with professional models as your budget allows. Models wearing sunglasses in areas with wealthy customers spending time under the sun seem to be an effective strategy to market sunglasses. This shows customers living desirable lifestyles such as hanging out on a multi-million dollar estate, sunbathing on the beaches of Riviera, and being in an elite country club.

    You can enlarge the photos and display them on your shop windows and slide slits in the right places to serve as your optical stands.

So, if you want to know how to sell your sunglasses in a new and fantastic way using sunglasses stands, you can visit our site by clicking on this link.

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