Make your Old Sunglasses New Again

June 20, 2019

If Santa didn’t get you a new pair of sunglasses this year, these simple tips will help you minimize or remove scratches from your old sunglasses lenses.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you remove or minimize scratches from sunglasses lenses and fix your old sunglasses:

Toothpaste is not just great for your dental hygiene. It is also used for  filling small holes and nail pops. As for sunglasses scratches, the same principle applies.  If you rub toothpaste (non-minty, non-whitening, non-abrasive, non-gel) into the scratch with a cotton ball using circular movements for about 10 seconds, chances are your lenses will look like new again. Get rid of the excess with cool water and repeat the process if necessary.

If you didn’t get the desired results with toothpaste, spray your lenses lightly with furniture spray. Then, use a lint-free cloth to rub the spray around in a circular motion. The spray will fill the scratches – although the fill will only last a few days. For more permanent results, gently rub around the lenses with a cotton ball with a bit of silver polish, getting rid of the excess polish with a lint-free cloth.

If none of the above methods to remove scratches from sunglasses lenses worked to your satisfaction, try the car wax method: apply car wax to your sunglasses lenses with a soft cloth in circular motions, getting rid of the excess with a clean cloth.

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