Look Cool With Celebrity Sunglasses 2018

June 20, 2019

The English Summer isn’t what it used to be. As ‘Global Warming’ is changing weather patterns around the world, some days in the UK may feel like you live somewhere between Naples and Lisbon. July is, thus, a great time for fashion editors to jump on the bandwagon of sunglasses trends’ articles. Here’s how to look cool with celebrity sunglasses 2018, with the help of PopSugar and Vogue UK.

Confidence accounts for 50% of coolness. And there’s no better way to gain confidence than to… follow the latest trends. These are usually set by famous people. The first step to look cool with celebrity sunglasses is to know what celebrities are sporting at the moment.

To help you choose the coolest sunglasses styles for summer 2018, UK´s PopSugar came up with a selection of the best celebrity sunglasses and where to buy them.

‘From Rita Ora’s sporty Oakley sunglasses to Lady Gaga’s sleek geometric shades by Bonnie Clyde’ PopSugar rounded up the best celebrity sunglasses moments of the year. You can find them here.

UK’s Vogue took to the Instagram and also listed the six best sunglasses brands trending on that social platform.

According to the writers of the article ‘never before have options been so rich, and there’s an emerging slew of independent sunglass brands dominating Instagram with their alternative designs.’

You can find Vogue’s six favourite instagram sunglasses 2018 here https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/best-instagram-sunglasses-brand

If the models suggested by PopSugar and Vogue are a bit over your budget but you still wish to look cool with celebrity sunglasses this summer, why not visit us at https://www.euro-optics.co.uk and see which designs we have currently available?

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