Kids Sunglasses: The Best Choice for Art Fair Vendors

June 20, 2019

What is your idea of a profitable summer? Have you ever thought about setting up a temporary shop at art and street fairs? If yes, then it is time for you to find a product that can turn into a lucrative source of income during the summer. A great suggestion is putting up one or two kids sunglasses displays in addition to you what you are selling. You will be surprised by how popular they are. Just be sure to sell the type of sunglasses that are most likely to turn into a big seller.

Why Kids Sunglasses

The main reason why you should consider sunglasses for children instead of adult sunglasses in street fairs is that because most grownups already have sunglasses. In fact, many will be wearing them while strolling around the event and perusing over your products. The only way you can persuade them to buy from you is if the pair of sunglasses they are wearing breaks or if you have a pair that they really like.

On the other hand, kids are hard on their stuff. It is common for kids to do something that will break their sunglasses such as running around, playing hide and sick, or even grappling around one another. They may even lose their sunglasses and will have no idea where to start looking.

When this happens, their parents will have no choice but to buy their kids sunglasses to replace their lost pair. They may even buy two pair to make sure they have an extra when the time comes the other breaks or gets lost again.

Usually, kids are not as excited as their parents are in street fairs. Most often, you will be selling your products and crafts to the parents, nothing that children will care about. But just because children do not like you items, it does not mean that they are not going to beg their parents to buy them something. And odds are good that kids sunglasses become a way for parents to pacify their cranky children.

The best way to stock your kids sunglasses display is buying them in bulk or by wholesale. this will not only cut down the cost of your order, but also pass on the savings to your customers that will increase your sales in return.

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