How to Start Your Own Designer Trade Eyewear

June 20, 2019

Do you enjoy the fashion industry? Do you have a keen sense of design? If you do, then you may want to consider designer trade eyewear. Designer sunglasses have become a fashionable accessory seen with the promotions of famous sporting goods, clothing designers, fashion markets, and fragrance marketing.

Sunglasses increase your fashion appeal. The creative sunglasses designs, stylized frames and lenses, and embossed logos are a hit. Thus, creating your own designer trade eyewear and attracting a new market are good ideas.

How do you start your own eyewear business?

Get organized. First, you need to develop a business plan for your business. You must include your financial plan, marketing plan, and operational plan in your business plan. You also need to choose a name and trademark your label. Identify the features that will make your product standout and set your price.

Also, identify private clients, department stores, and boutiques you can sell to. Then, develop a marketing plan with your sales representatives. Keep in mind the people you are selling your sunglasses to. What are the distinct features of your product? Is there are market for it? Do you have many competitors?      

Get start-up financing. Second, you need a start-up financing to set up your workspace for your equipment and supplies to design and manufacture your sunglasses. You will need to rent a showroom and hire a design assistant. You will also need to find a manufacturer. Then, you can determine the things you have as capital and how far you can go based on your financial plan and needs. Make use of your business plan to reach out to your bank or investors.

Create and produce a prototype. Lastly, you will need to make a prototype and manufacture it in order to market to a client, a boutique, or a department store. You should also state a realistic time frame for the delivery. With the balance due on deliver, ask for a cash-advance to avoid carrying all the costs of materials and labour. Then, you can fill the first order which marks the start of your business.   

When starting your own designer trade eyewear, you need to know how to design your sunglasses. When designing your sunglasses, you need to consider protection. Wearing sunglasses can block 75% to 90% of natural light.

Darker and polarized lenses offer more protection as they block off both light from the sun and reflected light from glare-prone surfaces. If you are designing sports sunglasses for your trade eyewear, choose amber-coloured lenses for outdoor activities as they make distant object appear clear and they also block blue light.

To know how to start your own designer trade eyewear, click on this link.

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