How To Market Sunglasses Part II

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer item. They are essential accessories for any fashion enthusiast.  Being trendy means sporting the right sunglasses, depending on what’s hot – wayfarer, aviators, cat eye, big lenses… But do you know how to market sunglasses?

In part one of this article on how to market sunglasses we’ve seen how important it is to come up with a great website and find the right sunglasses supplier among thousands of suppliers of sunglasses. In a sense both of these two first stages of setting a sunglasses business need to be approached within a marketing perspective. But the marketing of the website, per se, is probably the most challenging of all.

Even if you have found a great supplier if there is no sufficient traffic to your site, then all efforts are nil.  Selling great eyewear and providing excellent customer service may not be enough to let you be known in the field.

Hundreds of sites and internet gurus will offer – actually sell – their services to you in order to help you land page one of Google. Yet, this may not necessarily guarantee success. Marketing a sunglasses website – or any website, for that matter – is always a work in progress.

The Google algorithm – the formula by which Google indexes your website – keeps evolving. Some other internet tools like Social Media are also evolving. And with them new ways of marketing your website appear. Yet, as much as this is true, one thing is sure: if your website has relevant content which is optimized for search engines, it will eventually rank well on Google search.

And, there is always paid online advertising. If done by experts in the field it may not conquer you a place on page one of Google, but will certainly attract you new customers.


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