How To Market Sunglasses Part I

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses – one essential accessory for any fashion enthusiast, not just a summer item. Being trendy means sporting the right sunglasses, depending on what’s hot and what’s not – be it wayfarer, aviators, cat eye, big lenses, you name it… But do you know how to market sunglasses?

The advent of the internet makes it virtually impossible not to make business with any online customer living in any part of the world. Yet, marketing sunglasses is not as easy as it seems.

Creating your sunglasses website is just the start. Then you will need to start looking for shades suppliers. The first stage is not that hard. We have written extensively on how to find a sunglasses supplier you can trust. Read more here.

Offering good quality sunglasses to your customers or prospective clients is of paramount importance. Hence, the need to find a trusted sunglasses distributor.  Yet, the secret to why some companies fail when other succeed is in the marketing stage of your sunglasses business. Marketing your online presence to maximize online traffic may be quite a task.

Actually the marketing stage of you eyewear business starts almost as soon as you decide to sell shades. Your brand name and your website name (if not the same) must be catchy, descriptive and search engine tasty. Usually names like “trade sunglasses” or “sunglasses store” are already taken. Don’t despair. Think as a customer and ask your friends for ideas. If nothing comes to mind, remember there are sites where you can purchase great website names.

As for finding a great supplier, which is the lifeblood of your business, it’s a matter of giving time to screen the thousands of suppliers that you will find online.

To be continued


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