How to Look for Legitimate Sunglasses Suppliers

June 20, 2019

If you are running a sunglasses business, having legitimate sunglasses suppliers plays an important role in making your venture a success. It is impossible for you to give your customers the products they want and need without having a reliable source first. Finding a reliable supplier can be difficult sometimes; however, it is still possible for you to find the right suppliers by following these steps.

  • Visit trade shows near your area. By doing so, you will be able to personally meet potential sunglasses suppliers and establish a strong and trusting relationship with them. You will also be given the chance to ask them questions and get a feel of their business values and styles. Oftentimes, local trade show events can be located by checking convention centres as well as the chambers of commerce.
  • Browse trade magazines in your industry. Another way for you to avoid dishonest suppliers and even con artists is to search for potential suppliers in trade magazines. You can find trade magazines by visiting your local library or searching online.
  • Look for distributors in your locale. This is considered to be the most ideal way to find sunglasses suppliers as it will keep your shipping costs at a minimum. It also makes sure that you can get in touch with them personally, resulting to a stronger business relation. More importantly, this will help you establish a good relationship as suppliers will be able to view you in person and not as a pound sign.
  • Search over the internet. If you cannot find any local distributors, search online. By doing so, you may find smaller suppliers that are not found in trade magazines. You can also look for customer reviews on the website of the supplier in order to verify that they are legitimate.
  • Search for an authentic business address and phone number. Legitimate sunglasses suppliers usually hay a post office box. Call the number and see if you can talk to an actual person. If an answering machine answers you, beware. That supplier could be a scam.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau. Check with them the location of the supplier and confirm any consumer complaints.  
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