How to Distinguish Fake Designer Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

High-end sunglasses include designer labels such as Prada, Fendi, Gucci, and Chanel. They often sell for hundreds of pounds, making them great targets for replica designer sunglasses in the market. If you are shopping for designer sunglasses, make sure that you know how to distinguish fake designer sunglasses from their originals in order to avoid paying for the wrong products. Here are some tips on how to identify one from the other.

  • When buying sunglasses over the internet, compare the photos of the seller to those of the official website’s. If you notice any difference, the sunglasses you are considering are not authentic. Keep in mind that every pair of sunglasses of particular style is identical.
  • Examine the logo of the sunglasses. Most designer sunglasses place their logos on the sides. On the other hand, fake designer sunglasses include some variations from the official logo of the designer sunglasses.
  • Notice the label of the sunglasses. Fake designer sunglasses often have misspellings. For instance, Gucci may be misspelled as Guci. Original sunglasses also feature crisp and evenly spaced labels compared to the fake ones.
  • Assess the sunglasses’ craftsmanship. Designer sunglasses are often made of sturdy and durable materials while fake ones appear cheap and flimsy. When you encounter the latter, the sunglasses are no doubt not authentic.
  • Consider the seller of the sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are sold in classy department stores and luxurious boutiques while fake designer sunglasses are sold by vendors in the streets. If you are considering buying sunglasses from an auction site, make sure to check the feedback of previous customers about the seller before you make a bid. Also, ask for photos of the actual sunglasses. Do not settle for stock photos.
  • Lastly, check out the packaging materials. Designer sunglasses come with a case always. The case also features the name and logo of the designer. If the sunglasses do not include a case, most likely, they are fake designer sunglasses.

Another factor you should consider is the price. If the price seems to be farfetched, it likely is. Although some designer sunglasses are offered on sale, you will not find them significantly less than their retail value unless they are not authentic. So the next time you shop for sunglasses for yourself or your loved ones, you should consider the above tips to avoid paying for unworthy items.

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