How to Choose the Strength of your Reading Glasses Wholesale

June 20, 2019

Due to natural aging, the eyes lose the elasticity of their muscles which causes difficulty focusing. You may find yourself moving books or computer screens closer or farther away from you. This is a sign that you need to invest in reading glasses wholesale.

In order to use reading glasses properly, first you need to determine the strength that will allow you to read comfortably without straining your eyes. If you know how to determine the required strength of your reading glasses, you can improve your vision as well as avoid headaches caused by eyestrain.

  • To find the right strength of your reading glasses wholesale, test yourself using an eye chart. Eye charts can be found in drugstores and other places where pre-made reading glasses are sold. They can also be found over the internet. Typically, they present a series of letters in different sizes next to the number that represents the prescription strength. Whichever line you can read most easily determines the required strength of your glasses.
  • Another way to determine the strength of you reading glasses wholesale is through age. Oftentimes, people on their early 40s require reading glasses with a strength of +1.25, while those on their late 40s need +1.75. For people on their 50s or older, a higher strength of +2.25 or more is required.
  • You can also consult a pharmacist to determine the strength of your reading glasses. Many drugstores sell pre-made reading glasses in various strengths. Pharmacists can assist you in picking the correct strength is you are not sure how to use an eye chart. Oftentimes, pre-made reading glasses are cheaper compared to prescription glasses. Plus, pharmacists offer their help for free. In addition, pre-made reading glasses can be purchased in grocery stores and bookstores.
  • Lastly, visit an optometrist. Of course, the most accurate prescription comes from a doctor. Optometrists use a series of tests to determine the true strength of reading glasses wholesale that you need. They prescribe the glasses according to the needs of every eye, making them a more accurate identifier if your each eye requires a different strength.

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