How to Choose a Style of Replica Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Have you ever spent hours browsing through replica sunglasses and choosing a pair that will not make you look cheap? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be. Of course, you do not want a pair that too thick, too thin, too small, too big, too light, or too dark. To make the process easier for you and to save time from finding the one amongst thousands of options, here is a quick guide. Here’s how to choose a style of replica sunglasses:

  • Decide on the shape of sunglasses based on your face shape.

The face shapes of men and women are different. While men have more square and sharp features, women have softer and rounder faces. Men look good with aviator sunglasses as well as in smaller and wraparound sunglasses, while women go well with larger square styles, as that of Coco Chanel.

However, this is not always true. Some women also look good in men’s sunglasses, and vice versa.   

  • Choose a tint for your replica sunglasses.

Choosing the tint of your sunglasses is important as it allows you to see through your lens. Some of the colours you can choose from include silver, gold, red, pink, brown, and blue. The tint affects how you see the world.

Since coloured tint distorts your vision, it is not recommended for driving. Sunglasses with gray tint, on the other hand, do not change the colours you see. So if you plan to be very active, choose a gray tint. If you want to lie under the sun, coloured tint will do just fine.

  • Know the purpose of your replica sunglasses.

If you will be wearing sunglasses for active sports, you need a sturdy and thick pair that will not bend or break easily. If you are wearing them for leisure, you can go with a delicate and elegant pair that fits you comfortably.

  • Decide on the type of rim and lens.

Thick rimmed replica sunglasses are popular with bigger, sophisticated, and feminine eyewear while thin rimmed replicas have a sleeker look. While glass lens are heavy and more effective, they are stronger and with higher quality.

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