How to Buy Wholesale Shades to Make Money

June 20, 2019

A number of people make money by selling items that are sold on Internet auctions such as sunglasses. What they do is they purchase wholesale shades and sell them for retail. Although this may sound like a difficult job, this is a feasible way for those who are eager to make another income stream. If you are looking to make money with a small investment and little research time, you can get into this wholesale-retail business online.

How to Buy Wholesale Shades to Make Money

  1. First, you need to conduct a search on one of the wholesale vendor search engines. There are a number of websites that have thousands of sunglasses vendors with customized items for you. There are also others that have pre-made items ready to be shipped. If you want to save time and get started with your shop right away, you can opt for pre-made items. For instance, you can get wholesale shades for a lower cost and sell them by retail on auction website for a large profit.
  2. Next, you should research on the shades you want to sell on your chosen auction website. Search for similar shades and take note of their prices. Plan to price your shades, similar to the others. You should also research what similar shades would sell in a regular store to make sure that you are placing the right price.
  3. To start buying wholesale shades and getting paid for retail, open an online money transfer account to be used for purchase transactions. You should also open an account in auction websites to be your online store and sell your items on.
  4. Buy your items from a wholesale. Shipping usually takes 10 to 30 days. Most overseas wholesales require a minimum quantity that you have to buy. They say 300 is the minimum, ask if they will consider shipping for 100 for the first time before you commit to a larger amount. Some wholesalers may give you a trial.
  5. Lastly, use your online auction store to sell your sunglasses. Buying wholesale and selling them by retail will offer you a great opportunity to make a large profit. A lot of people have done this, and it has provided them with another source of income to meet their needs.

When buying wholesale shades to make money, you can inquire to see if you can sell your items to the local farmers market in your locale. Also, ask the overseas wholesale suppliers for references of other purchasers in your area or country. Most importantly, when dealing with wholesalers, never send checks or cash!

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