How to Buy Reading Glasses Wholesale

June 20, 2019

When you can no longer see the small prints of the newspaper when reading outdoors, it may be the time to buy reading glasses wholesale. There are two types of reading glasses – prescription and non-prescription.

If you choose to buy reading glasses without a prescription, you should know how to choose the ones that are right for you. Here are some tips on how to buy reading glasses to help you focus on what you are reading without worrying about the glare of the sun.

  • Get your eyes checked by a professional – most important. Visit an optometrist and have your eyes checked to help you determine the right protection you need, especially if you have light-sensitive eyes. An optometrist also makes sure that your eyes are healthy before you decide to buy reading sunglasses wholesale.
  • Buy from local stores. Most stores have a selection of reading glasses wholesale in various power levels. Your required power level can be determined by standing at a required distance and reading a line. You can also pick up a reading material and try various power levels until you find the one that feels most comfortable. Start with the lowest and work your way up from +1 to +4.0 diopter.
  • Consider your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time reading outdoors, buy reading glasses with a high level of ultraviolet (UV) protection. If you are very active, invest in reading glasses wholesale with string frames to withstand the wear and tear of taking your sunglasses on and off. Another good investment is a holder to secure your glasses around your neck.

            Other things you should consider include the strength, fit, style, and cost of reading glasses. Always test your vision when you buy glasses and work up the scale until you find the perfect strength. Make sure that they fit comfortably without falling down your nose and leaving marks on the sides of your head.

Choose the one that fits across your nose bridge. Match your wardrobe with your reading glasses, and consider buying reading glasses wholesale in case you lose a pair or two.

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