How to Become an Oakley Sunglasses Distributor

June 20, 2019

One of the most well known brands of sunglasses is Oakley, which makes selling their products an attractive endeavour to aspiring entrepreneurs. Sunglasses can both be sold online and in stores and kiosks; and, selling Oakley’s can be a profitable and rewarding business experience.

However, it can also pose a number of challenges if you do not have a company you can call your own. To increase your chances of being a successful sunglasses distributor, take these appropriate steps.

  1. To become an Oakley sunglasses distributor, you need to visit the Oakley website and fill out an online application. Once you have applied to a position, Oakley’s will review your resume and will be accepted depending on your skills and qualifications. Since Oakley is a large organization, it may take time for you to get a response. So, be patient.
  2. Once you have been contacted by an Oakley recruiter, acquire your license and permits. Every country has different business guidelines, but having a license and securing a permit is an absolute necessity in selling sunglasses. To get the right forms, double-check the requirements and let your local business development office that you are a sunglasses distributor.
  3. Put up your store. Sunglasses stores are usually found within indoor malls. They do not take a lot of space. So, put up a store in a high-traffic location. Sunglasses are sold to spontaneous purchasers, giving you a better chance of success. If you have not negotiated a commercial purchase, consider hiring a commercial real estate agent to help you realize your dream of becoming a sunglasses distributor.
  4. Organize your company by managing your supplies and equipment. Display your products properly and prepare necessary materials such as pliers and screwdrivers to make adjustments on the customer’s eyewear. Hire at least one employee so you will not have to work behind the counter every day.
  5. Lastly, promote your business. As a sunglasses distributor, help people realize what great investments sunglasses are. Find new buyers buying giving out fliers, business cards, and other marketing materials. Ask satisfied customers to recommend your business. You can also put up a website to increase your business’ potential to succeed.

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