How to Become a Bulk Sunglasses Supplier

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses are both a luxury and necessity. You can find a number of people wearing these fashionable accessories to protect their eyes wherever there is sun. According to American Optometric association, in order to protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiation, people need to wear sunglasses.

How to Become a Bulk Sunglasses Supplier:

There is a wide range of options of sunglasses that a bulk sunglasses supplier can sell. You can market the basic inexpensive shades or the high-end designer ones. Thus, developing this type of business is considered as a rewarding small business start-up. But, how can you become a bulk sunglasses supplier?

1. Register you business and apply for a business license from the parish government agency or the local county. Limited liability companies, corporations, and other business entities are required to complete registration with the secretary of state and other state government agencies. You also need to acquire a TIN (taxpayer Identification Number) from the Internal Revenue Service as well as open a business bank account.

2. Acquire knowledge about the form, function, and quality of sunglasses. As a bulk sunglasses supplier, you need to know the many forms of sunglasses and understand the types of lenses they use. You can start by checking large companies such as Sunglass Hut and Ray-Ban.

3. Look for bulk manufacturers and distributors to get your orders from. You may either find a manufacturer and provide them the specification for your products or purchase manufactured and pre-designed sunglasses by requesting a wide range of collection from manufacturers. You can also visit online resources.

4. Create your business plan to serve as a road map. Your business plan should include your mission as well as your target market for you products or services. This will serve as an outline of the tools, supplies, facilities, and equipment that your business needs. It also determines the required actions, available resources, capital needs, and the specific start-up tasks of your business. If you want more information about drafting a business plan, you can search the internet for business plan templates and planning instructions.

5. Fund your business. If you do not have capital resources for your bulk sunglasses, you can always find venture capital investors or secure a business loan from a commercial bank, your friends, or family. You can also find guaranteed loan programs on the internet.

6. You also need to secure an office space that includes a warehouse. Since you will purchase your products from either a wholesale-distributor or a manufacturer, you need a housing bulk inventory for your retail clients’ shipment. Make sure that your office space has appropriate shelving, a warehouse space, and a receiving/shipping facility.

7. Lastly, promote your business. Advertise in publications and join industry organizations in order to get updates from the latest news, information and trends in the distribution industry.

So if you still have questions on how to become a bulk sunglasses supplier, you can visit our website here and know what you need to do to become one.

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