How to be a Sunglasses Supplier

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses are an important part of fashion which is also used by many people to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. There are a number of sunglasses to choose from, ranging from the basic inexpensive ones at local dollar stores to designer sunglasses at exclusive retailers.

If you have the experience and the sales skills, you may find being a sunglasses supplier as a rewarding small business opportunity; however, how can you be one?

Register your business. To become a sunglasses supplier, first you need to apply for a business license from local government agency. Whether you are running a corporation or a limited liability company, you need to complete the registration requirements of the state. You also need to acquire a taxpayer identification number (TIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and open a business account in the bank. 

Learn about sunglasses. As a sunglasses supplier, you need to know the form, function, and quality of your products. Sunglasses take various forms and include many types of lenses. To learn more about them, check out large companies in the sunglasses industry.

Find manufacturers or wholesale distributors. You can purchase your products either pre-designed or manufactured. You can find a manufacturer and provide the specification of your sunglasses as well. To find a number of sunglasses manufacturers, ask for catalogues or search for online sources about their location.

Write a business plan. Your business plan is your road map to success. It should include your target market and business mission. It should outline your needed tools, supplies, equipment, and facilities. Your business plan should also identify your start-up tasks, capital needs, available resources, and required actions.    

Finance your business. If you do not have the capital resources to finance your business, you can find venture capital investors or secure a business loan from your family, friends, or bank.

Secure an office space. As a sunglasses supplier, you need warehousing facilities to house bulk inventory for shipment. Your office space should have appropriate shelving and an adequate receiving and shipping facility.

Promote your business. Advertise your business in publications that target fashion retailers and join industry organizations to stay updated about the latest trends and information in the sunglasses industry.

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