How to Be a Designer Sunglasses Wholesaler

June 20, 2019

Being a designer sunglasses wholesaler is not a difficult task; all you need to do is follow the steps in selling the items and make use of your business knowledge and skills. The first step is very important and is one that you should not skip because each state has its own laws with regards to selling branded sunglasses.

You need to decide the brand name you will carry carefully, whether it is Gucci, Ray Ban, or other fashionable brand. You also need to confirm with your local customs agency that your products are not trademarked with them. If you discover that it is, you need to obtain permission from the brand’s company in order to bring in large quantities. Thus, it is best to find a brand not trademarked with customs. Even if you are importing genuine designer sunglasses, you need to follow this first step. Other steps are as follows:

  • Find a reliable supplier. Finding a supplier is not easy. If your supplier is from China, change immediately because the only designer sunglasses that come from China are knock offs or replicas. As a sunglasses wholesaler, you would want to sell genuine items in order to build a reputable business. The best country to import is Italy; however, you still need to be careful.  
  • Visit your local boutique. You can also visit a boutique in your locale that sells the brand of sunglasses you wish to sell. Examine the materials, the feel, and the details of various models in order to have an insight about what is fake and what is real.
  • Advertise your products. As a sunglasses wholesaler, advertise your sunglasses. Find a market with a lot of customers who are all looking to buy and choose one with a relatively lower cost. You can also set up a store or a single auction, and then decide the model you will follow. In order to get the feel of the market, it is better to set up a single option first then set up a store.
  • Advertise on your blog. If you do not have one, write comments on other blogs and include your signature with a bank link to your website or listing in order to increase traffic to your page.
  • Suggest wholesale lots. Make use of your being a sunglasses wholesaler. Instead of advertising one pair, offer a discount for bulk orders to allow others to resell. Moreover, you will be able to put an affiliate list.

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