How Polarized Sunglasses Work

June 20, 2019

Polarized sunglasses are a type of eyewear that reduce glare from reflected surfaces such as metal and water. They are suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing and driving. With reduced glare, you are able to see the water more clearly. Thanks to Edwin Land who invented them in 1937, you are able to enjoy reduced glare and increased vision. Plus, you can look cool on it. So, how do they really work?

Polarized sunglasses neutralize the effect of glare, which is caused when the rays of the sun reflect off any surface. Since glare is horizontally polarized, these sunglasses effectively neutralize them as their lenses are vertically polarized. These sunglasses are especially made to reduce the harmful effects of the light and glare. They are a perfect accessory for all your outdoor activities.

Whether you are going fishing, skiing, mountain climbing, or riding, polarized sunglasses are perfect for various activities. They do not only offer UV and glare protection, but they also make you look cool. So do yourself a favour and get a pair or more of these sunglasses.

Polarized Light

The light waves from the sun can bounce and reflect or refract light. Polarized light, on the other hand, is organized in one plane. When you are looking at a calm ocean, the glare of the sun reflects off the water, making it hard to look without sunglasses or squinting. That glare is the light that cannot penetrate the surface of the ocean, so it gets reflected back. Water does this well along with roads, snow, and other bright and shiny surfaces. As mentioned above, the glare of light is horizontally polarized.

Polarized Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses neutralizes the horizontal reflection of light by screening it in vertical polarizing filters applied on their lenses. Only the part of the light wave which is horizontal can pass through. Everything else is absorbed on the lens. This means that the most intense light will be blocked and the glare will be reduced.


By blocking the harshest reflected light, you can have a crisper field of view. You do not have to squint your eyes as the painful brightness is reduced. This is very important for sports and professions that are performed under the heat of the sun such as sailing, fishing, car racing, and winter sports.   

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes and to know more how polarized sunglasses work go ahead and click on this link.

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