Get through the winter blues in style with budget sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Due to their eye protection value, sunglasses are not exclusive of summer. Thus, the idea of wearing or even shopping for sunglasses in the winter is not entirely absurd.

Sunglasses make great fashion accessories. They also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sun radiation. Hence, the image of someone donning a pair of sunglasses whilst carrying an umbrella is not a paradox. Actually, it makes total sense.

Sunglasses are not just fashion items. They are also health must-haves. Hence, shades can and should be worn in the winter. Well, not when it is rainy and dull, but when it’s cold, yet sunny yes.

In much the same way that fabrics, colours and cuts you wear in the winter are not the same you sport during the summer months, the colour, design and materials of your winter sunglasses, will differ from your summer shades.

For instance: light tinted lenses and light coloured frames work great in the summer, not quite well when the days are short and grey. Also, winter prefers classic designs, whilst summer is the right time to be bold.

But this doesn’t mean you will need to spend twice your annual budget for sunglasses this year. There are a couple of alternatives, if you wish to get through the winter blues in style with a new pair of sunglasses.

  1. You may consider going for neutral colours and classic designs, such as a pair of aviators or the unconditional black wayfarer, for men. For the ladies, we would recommend black cat-eyes or any other classic design in white. That’s your first option.
  2. The second option is to spend 80% of your budget in nicely crafted summers sunglasses and go for budget winter sunglasses. Why? Because you will be wearing summer sunglasses more often than winter sunglasses.

You may find great deals from eyewear vendors and sunglasses wholesalers online. All you need to do is find a trusted sunglasses dealer online and go through their promotions and discounts for budget winter sunglasses.

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