Get Ready for the Summer | Ordering sunglasses online Part III – Styles

June 20, 2019

Temperatures on the rise and Summer right at the door means grabbing your favorite pair of shades and getting ready to rock. In part I and II of this series of articles we list tips on how to buy eyewear online. In our final third and final part here are some clues on what’s hot and what’s not this Summer when it comes to styles.

What’s hot what’s not

If you are wondering what designs will be in fashion this Summer, have a look here.  This article will help you make your final decision before ordering your shades online.

Retro is fashionable again

Retro eyewear with thick frames, square or slightly rounded models with large clearer lenses are again a statement of elegance and attitude. Don’t be afraid to pull your mother’s old shades from the drawer. Vintage is here to stay.

Shades for men

Rebel or dapper, this article lists four sunglasses styles that should always be considered when choosing sunglasses for men: Aviator, Wayfarer, Browline and Round shades. Have a read.

Buying eyewear for women

Oversized, shades with strange shapes and the classic Cat Eyes are all the rage this year. Here’s an article on the history and main features of the Cat Eye style.

Not sure yet?

If you haven’t decided what shades to buy yet, the two articles below will help you know which styles are available to you in most shops and online retailers:

Know Your Sunglasses List Part I

Know Your Sunglasses List Part II

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