Finding a Reliable and Credible Eyewear Manufacturer

June 20, 2019

Why is it that eyewear business is a lucrative business?  The primary reason is that it becomes an item of timeless fashion.  From beach sunglasses to reading glasses, aviator eyewear and contact lenses, eyewear items had long invaded the fashion industry.  As a matter of fact, even children fashion had already adhered to it too.  A lot of kids these days, together with their parents, find it cute to be wearing fashion eyewear as part of their casual wear.  So, look out for an eyewear manufacturer and start dealing with this line of business. Yet, sometimes it’s hard finding a  credible eyewear manufacturer.  Here’s some tips to help you find one.

Finding a Reliable and Credible Eyewear Manufacturer:

Some eyewear manufacturers today are also reaching out to individual buyers too in the sense that the minimum order requirement had been minimized.  That is twice favorable for the buyer: the buyer can get the item at a lesser cost than those found in a shopping stand while getting a better glimpse of the business in case she wants to test the water in selling the items she bought.  That is, without cashing out a great amount of cash.

Your enthusiasm is growing!  Mellow a bit and try to check on this endeavor step by step.  First thing first – find an eyewear manufacturer.  That must be easy to do considering that the internet is flooded with numerous eyewear manufacturers.  The difficulty now lies on which one to pick.  It is only the product description that you must check or the pictures displayed in the website.  The vital part is authenticating a genuine manufacturer from fake ones who just stole pictures from the real manufacturers.  That is in fact a tough task to do.  But, do not give up if you were a victim of a scam once.  Get it as a lesson and move on.

One red alert is when the contact details are not sufficient.  Is the phone number displayed?  Look for a landline number rather than a mobile number.  What about the complete address of the main office of the company?  Google search all of the vital details found in the website.  That includes the name of the company, the contact details and the main contact person.

Once you short listed your prospects.  Give them a call.  Internet calls are free these days so you may not mind about the cost.  When you make the call, ask about the details in the issue of shipping – how much, who will shoulder it, is it included in the price quote, and how long will it take.  Ask about the return policy and the matter of refund.  Will you get a full refund/will the cost of shipping be deducted in the refund?

There are a lot more details to think about if you are trying to find a reliable and credible eyewear manufacturer.  Most of the important tips are covered in our blogs.  So stay tuned.

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