Famous Album Covers featuring Sunglasses (Part II)

June 20, 2019

Shades are most popular in the summer, when the sun is out and UV radiation is at its peak. Summertime is a particularly enjoyable time of the year with people gathering outside for drinks and sports activities. Because sunny days mean fun and fun necessarily means music, we’ve selected 10 album covers that feature people wearing sunglasses, which have become engraved in Pop History. Here are another five:

Black Grape – It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah (Radioactive, 1995)

music and sunglasses

After the demise of the Happy Mondays, Shaun Ryder proceeded to form Black Grape. At the height of  Brit Pop, the band soon became a commercial success, not only in UK charts, but much around the world. In the Name of the Father and Kelly’s Heroes are two of the songs of their first album It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah, released in 1995.

Pet Shop Boys – Discography, The Complete Singles Collection (Parlophone, 1991)


If you think Pop History, it’s hard to find a band that has amassed so many UK and US hits. Tennant and Lowe form one of the quirkiest and most competent songwriting partnerships of all time – think Lennon/McCartney, Morrissey/Marr or Jagger and Richards. West End Girls, Suburbia, It’s a Sin are some of their hits included in this best of compilation album with a picture of Lowe donning oversized sunglasses.

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (RCA, 1975)

oculos de sol e musica

The fifth solo album by American rock musician Lou Reed. It was originally released as a double album by RCA Records in 1975. The album cost Reed credibility in the music industry while simultaneously opening the door for some of his later, more experimental material.

The Velvet Underground – Another View (Verve, 1986)

sunglasses velvet underground music

Compilation of previously unreleased material, featuring songs such as Hey Mr. Rain or an early version of Rock and Roll. The album sleeve depicts Reed, Cale and Morrisson wearing sunglasses.

Scott Walker – Scott (Philips, 1967)

sunglasses music

Scott was the début solo album by Scott Walker, originally released in the United Kingdom on Philips Records in 1967. The album received both strong commercial success as well as critical praise, hitting #3 on the UK Albums Chart. Mathilde, My Death and Amsterdam are English versions of Belgium singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. My Death and Amsterdam were also later recorded by David Bowie, a fan of both Walker and Brel.

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