Famous Album Covers featuring Sunglasses (Part I)

June 20, 2019

Shades are most popular in the summer, when the sun is out and UV radiation is at its peak. Summertime is a particularly enjoyable time of the year with people gathering outside for drinks and sports activities. Because sunny days mean fun and fun necessarily means music, we’ve selected 10 album covers that feature people wearing sunglasses, which have become engraved in Pop History. Here are the first five:

 Stevie Wonder – Music of Mind (Tamla, 1972)

music sunglassesNot for the best of reasons, Stevie Wonder is known for his shades collection. Born blind, Wonder is one of the most critically acclaimed artists of all time. The sleeve of Music of Mind, released in 1972, features this genius Funk/Soul artist donning a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Record Collection (RCA, 2010)

music and sunglasses

The man behind huge hits such as Somebody to Love Me (feat Boy George) and Uptown Funk (with Bruno Mars) is depicted in the cover of Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Record Collection wearing wayfarer sunglasses with pink temples. Quite an appropriate colour selection for such a master of up-tempo modern pop classics with an 80’s electronic flavour.

A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (Jive, 1982)

music eyewear

For the cover of their 4th single from their first album, 80’s band A Flock of Seagulls chose an image of a woman wearing oversized sunglasses. This album sleeve of the authors of pop classic The More You Live, The More You Love, is one of the most iconic images of the 80’s.

Lady Gaga – The Fame (The Fame Monster, 2008)

sunnies music

The debut studio album by American singer Lady Gaga – later known by the planetary-wide hit single Bad Romance – features Gaga wearing shades with a somewhat futuristic design. Later re-released by The Fame Monster, the album includes Poker Face, her first huge commercial success.

John Lennon – Lennon Legend, The Very Best of John Lennon (Parlophone, 1997)

lennon glasses

When talking about eyewear in Pop History, the ex-Beatle quickly comes to mind. And this album sleeve is here to prove it. Imagine, Instant Karma, Mother or Jealous Guy are some of Lennon’s classic songs, featured in this double-CD compilation of his best.

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