Essential Sunglasses London Parts to Consider

June 20, 2019

In selecting the best sunglasses London for you, you must also consider the three important parts of sunglasses. They are the lens, frames and nose bridges. Other than being a fashion accessory, you must also be comfortable with what you are wearing. These three elements come differently depending on style and function.

Lens. Sunglasses London come in different shades of lenses. They may be colored, polarized or tinted. The most common colors of lenses are gray, brown and blue. Gray colored lenses are neutral shades; they reduce bright sunlight and glare.

They are suitable for daytime drives and for outdoor sports and activities such as fishing, cycling and running, baseball, etc. Brown colored lenses improve contrast but may distort colors. They reduce too much “blue color”, providing a brighter and clearer view during hazy, foggy and cloudy days.

Brown colored lenses are helpful on winter sports, outdoor activities such as fishing, motorcycling, and golfing. Blue colored lenses also enhance contrast but they do not distort colors. They reduce bright color condition and glare. Blue lenses are also common for aesthetic purposes.

Frames. Sunglasses London frames tell a lot about your personality. They are the most attractive part of sunglasses. They are made of plastic, metal or nylon. Frames hold the lenses, either they are partial frames, full frames or frameless.

Common styles are wayfarer, aviators, round, oversized or sports. You should choose the right frame for your face shape. Let’s face it, everybody has a different head size and shape. Latest styles may not look good on you, so better not get carried away. Face shapes vary, from round to oval to square to heart shape.

Rectangular frames are good for round shape faces. Oval shaped faces can pull off any style frames. For square shaped faces, round frames and aviators are the best. For heart shaped faces, they should consider oval, frameless or cat eye frames.

Nose Bridge. The nose bridge supports the lens and frames. They must not be too loose or too tight or else it’ll leave marks and redness in the nose areas whenever you take your sunglasses off.

While keeping up with the latest sunglasses London trends, it is always important not just to be fashionable but also comfortable.

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