Do Reading Glasses Make You Look Older?

June 20, 2019

Around the age of 40, some people start experiencing vision problems, such as blurred vision. This comes natural with the ageing process. It cannot be avoided nor delayed. So they start wearing reading glasses. Does this mean they also start looking older?

According to researchers, yes. Reading glasses make a person look older. And nerdy. Good news is they also make us look intelligent.

Wearing reading glasses is perceived, according to researchers, as a sign of maturity and that a person is getting older. How much older? According to studies, a person may look 3 or 4 years older if wearing reading glasses. That is why some people opt for contact lenses. They wish to improve their vision, yet still look their actual age, not older.

However, there are people who don’t mind being perceived older. Sometimes they do want to look older than they are. Or intelligent or nerdy, for that matter.

It’s all a matter of style and… of personal choice.

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