Destroying the myths of brand sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Although the primary function of shades is to shield your eyes from UV rays and eliminate glare – thus boosting visibility in bright day light – some people only sport brand sunglasses. But does overpriced mean supreme quality? Are brand sunglasses that much better?

Having a designer logo in your sunglasses doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a better product. In fact, some companies manufacture shades for a number of brands all over the price spectrum.

We are not suggesting all sunglasses are the same. In general, high end brands don’t like to compromise on quality, so you will definitely get good sunglasses.

However, despite the brand logo, there are some essential features that you should be looking in sunglasses in order to determine the overall quality of a specific item.

UV Protection

These include, above all: 99% or 100% UV protection (as UVA and UVB rays may lead to cataracts and cancer)and Polarization (as it reduces glare).

Frame Design

No matter how good the lenses, frame design is also important. UV light can leak around the edges of the frames so this is something you should look into when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

Lens colour

Finally, it’s important to have in mind that, when it comes to protection, you should always be looking at UV protection, not the colour of the lenses. In fact, a darker colour without UV protection will force your pupil to open wider, which may actually work against you.

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