Clip-on Sunglasses Wholesale: Facts you should not Miss Out

June 20, 2019

Unlike other eyewear, clip-on sunglasses wholesale are a pair of lenses designed to fit another pair of sunglasses. They are two separate lenses connected by a spring with a rod and tube design that allow them to attach to another pair of glasses. They either increase or decrease the distance between two lenses.

In addition, they are usually cheaper compared to your regular sunglasses since they do not have frames. Nowadays, a wide range of clip-ons are available in different brands and quality. Thus, it is important that you choose the ones from a renowned brand or seller to ensure good quality.

If you want to buy clip-on sunglasses wholesale, you should make sure that you choose according to fashion and function. There are now polarized, prescriptive, and UV resistant clip-ons on the market which allows people to get what they need. The lenses should be lightweight as they are usually attached to another pair of sunglasses. If they are heavy, it will add load to your face and nose.

Because of the fast development on clip-ons, clip-on sunglasses wholesale are now available in various styles and colours. More are coming to the market as well. With this exciting fact, you are given the opportunity to choose among the many styles and match them with your wardrobe.

The main goal of these remarkable sunglass accessories is to make sure that you are comfortable. Their lack of side rims makes you use the lenses in their fullest potential. There are three types of clip-ons:

  • Polycarbonate – This type is lightweight making it a better choice than glass.
  • Glass – This is scratch-resistant but heavy to wear.
  • CR-39 – On the other hand, CR-39 provides the clearest vision.

All in all, clip-on sunglasses wholesale are just regular prescription glasses that have shades attached to the frames on top of the lenses. They offer clear vision and protect against the harmful rays of the sun. They are a good choice for people who move in and out frequently as they allow you to flip your shades up and down whenever you need them.

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