Classic Sunglasses Designs You Will Definitely Get From Sunglasses Vendors

June 20, 2019

Classic Sunglasses Designs You Will Definitely Get From Sunglasses Vendors

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses to complement your style depends on your overall look, your budget and – if you are fashion conscious – which designs are in, which are out. However, whatever the trend is at one particular moment in time, some designs seem to never get out of fashion.

Among the many styles that you can choose from classic sunglasses designs is the  Aviators.

Originally the Aviators were a product for function, not fashion. Though they were designed in the late 1920’s with US fighter pilots in mind, Aviator sunglasses may well be today the most recognizable sunglasses style that has ever been designed.

This type of classic design has large, circular lenses and thin frames. Over time, they became extremely popular and part of pop and celebrity culture. They were commonly seen in television shows and movies on the characters of police officers and rebels alike.

The Wayfarers are also one of the most popular and one of the oldest styles around.

The Wayfarer was designed in 1952 and ever since has enjoyed the highs and lows of popularity. Much like the Aviators, Wayfarers became – as someone wisely put it – “accessories for celebrities who don’t want to be seen but want to be noticed”.

The 1980s were particularly generous to Wayfarers with the design cashing in on the success of cult films like They Live, and The Blues Brothers.

Currently, with the 80’s revival still rolling, Wayfarers have been enjoying a surge in popularity and are, alongside with Aviators, everyone’s favourites.

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