Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Women

June 20, 2019

Being fashionable is an issue women all over stress daily. From coordinating what they wear from head to foot to the bits and bobs that they wear as accessories it is not a wonder by it is hard to pick which is the best sunglasses for women. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all especially in the eyewear department however we have provided you a few tips to help ease up your selection process.

The best way of getting that perfect sunglasses for women pat down is to know the face shape.

Everyone has their own unique face shape and it is because of this that some style looks better on us over others. One way to know your face shape is to take a direct photo (no creative angling!) of yourself. Print the photo out and trace the edges of your face to know your face shape. If you don’t want to go to all of the hassle, you can simply look at the mirror.

Done? So the next step is to know your face shape. Sunglasses for women may come in variety but they all compliment a specific face shape.

For example, square-shaped faces are complimented with round or oval sunglasses, oversized shades and aviators because these compliment their strong jaw lines.

Those with a heart or a diamond-shaped face have a defined chin with wide a forehead and cheek bones. Shades that are rectangular, cat-eyed, wayfarer and wrap-around compliment them very well.

Women with an oblong face go hand in hand with sunglasses that are either rounded or square-shaped. Aviators also work fine on this face shape. However, they should stay away from frames that extend beyond the widest part of their head or overly dramatic shades because it will give a pea head effect on them.

The most versatile face shape is the oval face. Most sunglasses for women works on them well and so there are not much restriction in terms of frame style.

Finally, those with a round face should take into mind that they should choose styles that could help slim up their cheeks. Frames with soft, angular features, the wayfarer and frames that are square and rectangular are good for women with such face shape. However, they should stay away from round frames.

Some more great and useful tips about choosing the best sunglasses for women is found on our website. So what are you waiting for, come on over.

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