Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Men

June 20, 2019

Selecting the best sunglasses for men is almost but not the same as selecting women. In fact it is a challenge as styles for them tend to be limited unlike women who dominate the most in terms in the fashion category

However, when it comes selecting the process is still the same most of the time.

The most common was in choosing sunglasses for men are to know their face shape. Now, everyone does not have the same face. In face our faces are all different and men are no different. Most of the time, face shapes are the reason why some styles suite us better than others and sunglasses are no different.

Those who have an oval-shaped face have a rounded chin and forehead and the best type of sunglasses for them are wide, walnut-shaped or narrow frames. Then again this face type is the most versatile because they are well-proportioned.

Those with rectangle faces are known to have a strong jaw line and a long nose length. Sunglasses with square frames compliment this face shape the best as it balances it out. If you are worried about your nose, glasses with a low bridge can help fix that.

Triangle face shapes can be easily identified with their wide, cornered foreheads and rounded chins. The best sunglasses to balance their face out are the ones with wide bottom frames because they would bring more attention to the lower part of the face.

Square shaped faces are almost similar to those with rectangle-shaped faces as they also possess a strong jaw line and broad forehead however they are more proportioned than the former. Narrow frames are the best for this type because it can help soften their features and give emphasis to the eyes.

Those with rounded faces are the ones with a rounded chin and full cheeks however to make the face narrower sunglasses that are angular and narrow are best for this face shape.

Finally, frames are not the only thing that could help one choose which are the best sunglasses for men. In fact, hair color also plays a role. For example those with light hair should choose soft shades of pastel or transparent frames while those with dark hair should pick dramatic frames.

So those are the tips in how to choose the best sunglasses for men, if you want to know more head over to our website.

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