Choosing Sunglasses for Women

June 20, 2019

Choosing sunglasses for women is the same as choosing sunglasses for men, but with special considerations. Most women wear medium to long hairstyles, making it important for them to match their hair colour with the frames of the sunglasses. It is also important that they match their personality with the style they will get. If you are a women looking for sunglasses to suit your personality and hairstyle, you are on the right page. Here are some tips on how to choose sunglasses for women.

  • Make sure that the style of frame you will get suits best your personality. What appeals to you most? Do you want to sport retro, bold, conservative, modern, or trendy sunglasses? Whatever is most complementary to your temperament and personality is the best choice. Also, consider if the eyewear is appropriate to certain environments, such as your workplace.
  • Evaluate the popular designer frames and the new trends. For instance, famous brands Chanel, Vogue, and Ann Klein offer sunglasses for women that change every season. They are also often appropriate for various types of environment.
  • Consider your eye, hair, and skin colour. Also, evaluate the frames by considering the main colours in your wardrobe. In choosing sunglasses according to your complexion, know that there are blue (cold) and yellow (warm) undertones. Choose a frame colour appropriate with the right shade. If you have a warm complexion, you may have yellow or peaches-and-cream cast undertones. If you have a cool complexion, you either have blue or pink undertones.
  • Complement your eyes by getting similar colour sunglasses for women. For instance, blue eyes are best complemented with blue frames.
  • Match the frame colour with the colour of your hair. Strawberry blonds, platinum, white, and brown hair are good with cool tones while golden blond, gray and brown gold are best with warm tones.
  • The shape of your face you also be taken into account when selecting a frame. The frame shape should always contrast with your face shape. For instance, if you have an oval face, a wide frame would offset the narrow proportions of your face, making it a very good choice.
  • Lastly, relate the size of the frame to the size of your face. Your sunglasses should be able to sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and the pupils should be at the center of the frames.

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