Choosing Among the Many Types of Aviator Wholesale

June 20, 2019

With aviator wholesale, you can have different choices. Growing to be one of the icons of pop culture, aviator sunglasses are considered as fashionable and as hallmarks of stylish but functional sunglasses.

They have been used ever since the 20th century and have been increasingly famous nowadays. This may be attributed to the utility and style of this type of eyewear. But, media especially Hollywood films and celebrities were the successful promoter of the product.

The Beginning of Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were first produced in 1936 by the company Ray Ban. First worn by Army pilots, their popularity increased when many famous celebrities began to use them. One of the most famous celebrities to don aviator sunglasses is the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Distinguishing Aviators from Other Sunglasses

How would you know that your aviator wholesale sunglasses are really aviators? You can compare the shape of the reflect lenses. Aviators have oblique or dropping shape of reflect lenses. These lenses are also huge, covering one third of your face. The frames are usually made of metal. They use wire temples to hook the sunglasses behind your ears.

Styles of Aviator Wholesale

One of the reasons why no other optical manufacturers can oust aviator sunglasses is their versatility. There are a number of things you can do this type of sunglasses, aside from the basic features of the glasses.


At the present, aviator wholesale sunglasses have polarized lenses that reduce the effect of the harmful rays of the sun to your vision. They also improve visibility, making them a favourite of athletes and people who love the outdoors.


Also known as vintage, many of retro-style aviators are not original. However, they are considered to be such as they resemble the style of the first Aviators that came out in the market. They are characterized by huge and dark lenses with vibrant hues of frames such as orange and yellow. Others also have classic white and black frames.


Mirrored aviator wholesale sunglasses have reflected lenses with flash or mirror coating on the outer portion. The coating on the lenses helps reduce as much as 60 percent sunlight. This type of aviators is usually available in gray or brown lenses. Although other colours are also available, they do not have an effect on the potency of mirrored aviators.

Whether you want to achieve a hip or classy look, aviators are your best choice! With aviator sunglasses, you can be fashionable and trendy all the time. Click on this link for more information about aviator wholesale sunglasses.

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