Brand Sunglasses Vs. Bargain Sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Many consumers wonder whether they should buy brand sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun and elements. Same with retailers when buying bulk sunglasses. But is there such a difference between branded sunglasses and bargain sunglasses?

Today, most brand-name sunglasses are a considerable investment for most people. People pay not only for the good quality lenses and comfy frames, but also for the design and… the brand-name. But on top of all, people pay to protect their vision.

Yes, UV rays can be harmful. They can put your eyes at risk and cause the development of cataracts – blurred vision. So, when it comes to UV protection, is there such a difference between say, Prada or Lacoste Sunglasses and unbranded sunglasses?

Today, even bargain sunglasses need to comply with European test standards regarding protection from sunlight. Usually you can check UV protection information in the sticker in the lens or on the frames.

Retailers selling sunglasses should consider dealing with distributors that sell bulk sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. This will mean that clients will get good quality lenses in terms of sunlight protection, even if they can’t afford expensive sunglasses.

If you wish to know more about the harmful effects of sunlight, please check Euro Optics UK blog.

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