Becoming a Sunglasses Distributor

June 20, 2019

So you wish to become a sunglasses distributor? You are aware that you are not the first – nor will be the last, for that matter. It’s a competitive world out there. Still, you wish to succeed. Here’s a few tips:

1 – Research, research, research – If you are a newbie in the business world, go online and find what makes some businesses succeed when others fail. Sunglasses business is not something entirely new. Yet, there’s always room for creative entrepreneurs with fresh ideas.

2 – Follow fashion – The sunglasses business is highly linked to the fashion world. If you have been aloof from the fashion business up until you have decided to become a sunglasses distributor it is highly recommended that you team up with someone who is fashion aware or start reading fashion publications a.s.a.p.

3 – Choose a trusted supplier of sunglasses – again, go online and do your research. Study carefully the pros and cons of dealing with a particular supplier of sunglasses. Narrow down your list to 3 or 4 sunglasses suppliers, then pick up the phone and have a chat. Staff will be more than willing to help you and go through their website and payment requirements.

4- Follow the tracks – study how successful sunglasses distributors have handled their business. Of course they will not be openly advertising the secrets of the trade, but if you study carefully there are ways of inferring what those secrets might be.

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