Be Pedantic About Choosing Wholesale Sunglass Cases

June 20, 2019

If you are taking wholesale sunglass cases for granted thinking that it is just an accessory to your main item, sunglasses, then better think again.  Buyers of sunglasses are actually choosy when it comes to the cases that they buy.  Note that sunglasses are most often adopted mainly for fashion purposes, instead of its real main purpose of eye protection.  With that, it is safe to conclude that the case must likewise be fashionable too.  Have you experienced losing a customer and she finally put down her eyewear choice because she cannot pick a case that she wants? She may like the item really that much but she will think that she could find other shops selling it with wider variety of cases to choose from.

Keep a constant communication with your wholesale sunglasses cases supplier.  Always remind him to let you know if a new design is trending.  The suppliers will surely feel which item is starting to surge in demand.  Sometimes, a supplier may not be able to give you updates because they are dealing with a huge number of bulk buyers like you.  Thus, it pays to always keep in touch.

Before placing your order for wholesale sunglass cases, be sure to check what’s the color of the year or color of the season.  You may easily see this by checking into what is the trend in bridal motif.  That event is usually the trend setter of what is the current color favorite. Silver, black and gold are of course always elegant and most of the time, do not go off-fashion.  These days, most prefer silver color over gold.  Yet, gold still stands as a time-tested color choice.

Be concerned about the materials used and be familiar of its functions.   You will feel too embarrassed if you sold a case which you say is shock proof and the customer will come back showing the case to you broken while it was kept in her bag. The case gave in to minor pressure.  After you receive your wholesale sunglass cases, carefully examine it.  Is it exactly the same as the sample item you received?  If it is resistance to breakage, try to test the durability of one item.  It pays to lose one item for the test as long as you are sure that it is really resistant to impact.

Be pedantic about wholesale sunglass cases.  Spend as much time as choosing the eyewear itself.  This eyewear accessory should not be taken lightly because buyers are too picky on this.



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