Aviator Sunglasses for Kids

June 20, 2019

While it is true that kids are not as concerned with fashion as adults are, they are also interested in looking like their parents or older siblings. Plus, they still need to protect their eyes whenever they go out. For these reasons, many sunglasses manufacturers are making adult-like frames for children.

When purchasing aviator sunglasses for kids, make sure that they offer UV protection because children are more susceptible to radiation than adults are. So, what are the best aviator sunglasses you can get for your precious little ones?


Ray Ban offers a wide range of kids’ sunglasses that look exactly like the adult aviator designs. Called as “Junior Sunglasses”, they are often made of colourful frames. You can choose among shiny pink metal, gun metal, blue gray, metallic gray, matte black, light blue, and gray green. They also come with a case and a cleaning cloth.


If you have a beautiful little lady, Sun Smarties make aviator sunglasses for girls. These sunglasses are not only fashionable, they also offer UV protection. They are made of polycarbonate lenses, which are shatter and impact resistant. In contrast with the usual adult aviator designs, they have an adjustable strap and zero hinges.


Yes! Urban Specs also make aviator sunglasses for kids. Their sunglasses are made of durable and lightweight materials, suitable for young children. They also include adjustable nose pieces and metal frames. Usually, they come with pink shaded lenses that offer maximum UV protection to your children’s eyes.   


Another brand of sunglasses that makes shatter-resistant aviator sunglasses for little boys is the Quiksilber Blazin. Their style of aviators includes distortion free lenses, which are also UV protected. However, they are only available in one standard junior size.


Costa Del Mar Flamingo offers polarized aviator style sunglasses for kids. Their style has a slight inclination toward square, giving their sunglasses a distinct design and shape. Although their junior frames come under the category of aviators, their style is different than the usual aviators. They also come with comfortable nose pieces and thick temple pieces which makes sure than the sunglasses are securely tuck behind the ears of your children.

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