Are Cheap Sunglasses Safe?

June 20, 2019

You know that the sun can burn the skin, right? But, do you also know that it can do damage to your eyes? Yes, the sun can actually hurt the eyes immediately after exposure but damage is accumulated over the years, which lead to multiple eye problems.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun, particularly UVB, are most damaging to the eyes. UVB rays can damage the lens by unravelling and tangling the proteins that made up the lens so they become cloudy after years of exposure.

Another long term eye problem is pinguecula which is harmless but looks unsightly with its yellow fatty deposits in the white of the eye. So, are cheap sunglasses fit to protect your eyes against UV?

Cheap sunglasses can block UV if you know how to choose carefully. Light is measured in nanometres and UVB rays have 320-390 nanometres. So, choose sunglasses with CE mark as they do not allow more than 5 percent of UV rays to get through. Also choose glasses with a UV 400sign as they protect your eyes for as much as 400 nanometres. Some glasses are also graded by the darkness of their tint but this does not provide UV protection. Dark tints can be misleading if you do not check the UV rating.

Many people think that paying more gives them more protection. But, do you really need to spend a lot to protect your eyes? The real risk comes with cheap sunglasses that claim to offer UV protection but do not. Here are some of the cheap sunglasses that are rated 10/10 in terms of UV protection:


These cheap sunglasses offer 100% protection agains UV rays below 400 nanometres. They provide good coverage across the eyes as well as the delicate skin around the eyes. They do not let light from the sides enter the eyes as they are fitted based in the face of the wearer.


With a good shape and Jackie-O style, Summer Living also offer 100% UV protection. They offer good protection in its very good shape as it covers a wide area of the eye. It only allows minimal stray light at the sides to come in.

Are cheap sunglasses safe? If you want to know the low down about cheap sunglasses, head on over to our website.

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